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If you want to keep your holiday budget in check this year, we are here for you. The new building will include the former Tyrol department store, which has extended the entire block from Maria-Theresien-Straße to Erlerstraße. We celebrated this and laid the foundation stone for the new store on the first floor at the end of October, a few weeks before Christmas.

If you want your shopping and dining experience to be something special, visit Innsbruck and experience how this place transforms into a cheerful city that is constantly flooded with holiday spirit. Under the roof and on the open square you will find a wide range of food and drinks, as well as a number of shops and restaurants.

If you leave the old town and are in Innsbruck, you should not miss the mountains with their magnificent views. The Swarovski World is one of the best places to visit in Bruck's inns, as it is just outside the city and takes 45 minutes to get there. If you like the idea of shopping, eating, shopping and shopping in a beautiful city, read on to see why we recommend visiting it on your next holiday.

If you are planning a short stay, you should look at an Innsbruck map to see all these sights and talk to us about where you are staying and how to get there and the surrounding area. The best times to visit: If you're planning to visit, visit us on our Facebook page to find out when you have the best time of the day, where you can stay in Bruck, how much it costs, what you can eat and much more.

There are many places where you can learn about the history of the province of Tyrol and Innsbruck. On this page you will find information about purchases in Austria and where you can buy things you might need. You will notice that we are very close to the ski jumping arena and you will notice that there are many good shopping opportunities in the area as well as some good restaurants and shops. For more information on the best shopping opportunities in Austria, please visit our website and our Austrian Tourist Office.

Anyone who wants to learn more about Innsbruck's Golden Roof can take part in the "Innbrucker Stadtführung" (guided tour of the city centre).

If you are going to Innsbruck for shopping, a stroll along the Maria Theresien Straße is perhaps the best option for a short stroll through the city center and a nice walk to the Golden Roof. It is located in Wattens, a town in the east of InNSBruck, and offers a shuttle service between the property and the back. Another option is to take a taxi from there, but there are a few stops to reach, so take the short walk. The main railway station in Innbruck is located at the corner of St. Pauli Straße / Maria-Astrid-Straße, just outside the city. If you take the train, you can also be on the other side of the city, at Watten station, just a few minutes walk away.

The shops in Innsbruck are located in the city centre, at Maria Theresien Straße / Maria - Astrid - Straße. The shops in Tyrol are just a few blocks away from the Golden Roof, on the corner of St. Pauli Straße / Maria-Astrid-Straße, just outside InNSBruck.

More budget shopping can be found in the very pretty Karntner Straße, with most budget-friendly shops in Mariahilfer Straße. If you want to know where to buy souvenirs and fashion brands or if you don't want to leave the shop, the shopping street is only a few blocks away from the Golden Roof, just outside Innsbruck city centre. Austria cannot compete with fashionable European capitals such as Milan or Paris, but prices in Austrian cities are the same as in other European cities. Shopping in Austrian cities can also be great, and if we want you to take us to where you bought your souvenir or fashion brand, you can stay here as long as you want to know the name of the brand you are looking for and the price of its products.

So there it is, who wants to learn more about Innsbruck Austria, has a few other posts to discover and a few other things to do in Innbruck, Austria.

Austria is in the summer all about outdoor activities and therefore there is a lot to do in Innsbruck, especially in summer. If you have never been to the mountains and love them, then Austria is absolutely worth a supplement. In InNSBruck you are expected to do things like mountain biking and hiking. When it comes to doing this, I always recommend a self-guided photo hike or mountain bike tour.

The cable car from Innsbruck at 3,000 metres above sea level takes about 20 minutes to reach the summit and offers a magnificent view of InNSBruck. This way you can see the beautiful alpine scenery in the time you need in NSBruck. I recommend a visit to the Bergisel ski jump, as it is one of the most beautiful ski jumps in Austria and a great place for a ski trip.

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More About Innsbruck