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The Zell is an adventure sports hub when it comes to where to stay in Innsbruck in the winter. The mountain offers all season recreational activities, including the Alpine Garden with more than 400 plants and the ski slopes of the region, which have already been seen at several Winter Olympics.

Many travellers also choose Patsch, a small holiday village in Innsbruck, which has public transport to and from InNSBruck. This is the best area for tourists, because of all the things that are to be seen here, and it is an excellent option if you are looking for a place where you need to go everywhere. The best place to stay in a guest house is the old town, because you want to be close to the main attractions. It is one of the most popular destinations in Austria and offers plenty of amazing things to see and do. Public transport allows you to easily reach the Old Town and enjoy tourist activities.

Other villages in the Zillertal are Gerlos and Tux, which offer travel, recreation and amenities, as well as the city of Innsbruck and the nearby city of Graz.

If you stay at Ramada Wyndham Innsbruck or Tivoli InNSBruck, there are no ski hotels, but there is a ski hotel in the area, and you can ski, snowboard or ski on the slopes of the Zillertal. The area itself has a strong cultural and agricultural history and the unique blend of Gothic and Baroque architecture can be seen in this area. One of my favourite places when I'm in Graz, when I'm staying at RamADA WyNDham in Innesbruck or TIVoli in Wirtsbruck is the old town of Innisbraz. The churches here date from the 16th century, some from the 17th century, others from the 19th century.

Most hotels in Innsbruck's old town pay a premium for this location, but there are also very good hotels such as Tivoli InNSBruck or Ramada WyNDham Innesbruck.

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If you want to know where to stay in Innsbruck and if you are looking for family-friendly activities, then the Zillertal is the place for you. In our hotel guide for InNSBruck and surroundings you will find the best accommodations in the Innviertel.

Innsbruck is the capital of the province of Tyrol and is home to over 120,000 inhabitants. So there is a lot to do and plenty of accommodation to choose from when looking for accommodation in Innsbruck.

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