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Austria's fastest growing hotel brand reflects the rapid growth of the country's tourism industry in recent years. Graz and Innsbruck follow, Schruns and Steyr complete the top 5 cities with 3 new openings each. The Alpine nation is adapting to the growing demand and will add 12,000 rooms in the coming years, with a focus on 4-star hotels, 90% of which are intended as 4-star hotels and 26 3-star hotels.

By 2024, 24 hotels in Austria are scheduled to open in the coming years, some of which are already in planning or even construction phases. Find out more about where the new hotels will open, which properties are worth keeping an eye on and which hotels are to open throughout Austria in the coming years.

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Only customers who book through and stay at the property concerned can leave a review. Until recently, Hilton Austria operated internal email communications, but no employee had access to the hotel's internal email system or any other form of communication with guests.

Ultimately, the goal was to find a quick and effective way for everyone to share the information they need. Lessing wanted to be able to reach employees via email, social media and other forms of communication with guests. He also wants to create a "lens system" so that his employees can communicate with each other and with the hotel's customers.

The app is definitely a new communication channel, but it immediately leads to a more open dialogue, Lessing is convinced. Traditionally, communication has been very one-sided, "he said.

In the hotel industry, the ability to share specific knowledge is crucial to creating a harmonious mix of products and services. Building a strong relationship between employees and the management of the hotel and its customers is at the heart of developing organizational knowledge. Successful customer experiences begin with exceptional employee experiences, often resulting from a combination of customer service, customer engagement and a deep understanding of the customer's needs. A hotel that fosters a culture of commitment and innovation to make its guests feel at home could do business or break, he said.

In order to meet the diverse demands placed on employees, internal communication is required, not only with the management, but also with the employees.

This includes recognising that there is always room for improvement, and we are clearly doing something right in this respect. If we know how to create a successful customer experience, we can become a leading hotel chain in the world.

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More About Innsbruck