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Before you dive deep into our Innsbruck day guide and explore the city centre, now is a good time to explain briefly how you arrive in NSBruck and how you move there and what you get to see before you arrive. In this article we will cover all the interesting facts about the Innesbrucker city map and to help you plan the sights in Innisbraz, you can browse through our interactive Innersbrucker tourist map.

The Innsbruck Card also includes the possibility to take the Innesbrucker Hop - a hop bus to the most important sights and attractions. This gives you access to all the attractions in the city centre as well as all the other attractions on the outskirts of Innisbraz, such as the National Park.

You can visit the National Park, Innesbrucker Hop - a hop bus to the city center - or the other attractions on the outskirts.

If you love Austria as much as we do, have a look at our list of activities in Austria, stay on the top places and look forward to the history of Innsbruck. If you can't wait to explore this unspoilt Austrian destination, read this article and head to Innbruck to have a great time!

We hope you enjoyed this post about the best things to do in Innsbruck and have a look at our vlogs to get a taste of what it's like. If you are in the list of the top activities in the inns Bruck or have something to add, let us know if you have been to InNSbruck and have suggestions for something weavable for you.

The all-inclusive Innsbruck Card is one of the best ways to explore the capital of Tyrol, staying for 1, 2 or 3 days. There we have a list of how you can spend a day in InNSBruck, Austria and what you can do best to plan your trip to the Tyrolean capital.

Visit Ambras Castle, which is located in a large park just outside Innsbruck, and visit many other attractions in the area to have a great time in Bruck. The nearest Hofkirche is nearby, but you can also visit one of the most famous sights in the city, the Hall of Tirol, in the city centre of NSBruck. Situated on a hillside, within walking distance of the city centre, this is a destination that you can easily reach on your day trip.

If you are already in Austria, it is easy to get to Innsbruck from most major cities, including Salzburg, Linz, Vienna and Graz, but if you want to take a day trip to one of the above mentioned places as well as the city center, this is possible. You can get a good impression of the old town on a self-guided walk or even by bus. NSBruck is a central station, so you can easily reach it by train or bus from the most important city centers of Vienna or Vienna - Stuttgart.

Innsbruck has many day trips, but you can find suggestions for trips to the surrounding Tyrol in our separate list of day trips to and from InNSbruck. It's a great year - a round trip destination, so start with our top 10 destinations in the Brucks inns. This list is best suited as a starting point for a day trip to the city centre or even as a trip to one of the other major city centres.

Of all the attractions in Innsbruck, perhaps the only one that allows you to see professional ski jumpers zooming past Bergisel is the most famous ski jump in the world, and one that you don't need to know to visit the place you saw above.

For free admission to most sights, you should buy an Innsbruck Card. But if you want to visit the many museums in and around Bruck or take the cable car, you should buy the Innesbruck Card. If you want to see many sights of the city in one day, you have additional possibilities with the Insbraz Card and can be so sure that you do not have to come to Austria or Innbruck just for one, two days or even a few days in a row. In Innisbrick there are many sights worth a visit, all of which will leave you with a sense of wonder. You will also be an art and history fan, as you will appreciate all the sights of Austria, so that visiting many of these museums and attractions will be even more unforgettable.

s throw from the old town there are several museums that are included with the Innsbruck Card, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum and the Institute of Art and Design.

Other interesting sights in Innsbruck are the St. Anneasäule, which stands in the Maria Theresien Straße. The symbol attraction of InNSBruck is located in the heart of the old town, right next to the city centre. Here you will find all the attractions for tourists and locals, as well as a number of shops and restaurants. Our most popular destinations in Innbruck include the Museum, the National Museum, the Institute of Art and Design, the Museum of Fine Arts and a variety of other museums.

More About Innsbruck

More About Innsbruck